Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Ladies of Main Street

Welcome to Main Street Congo's blog! Without further ado, an introduction of our artisans:

Blissful Knits ~ I am a very lucky mama to two lovely boys; Elliot and Reid. I live with my husband, the boys, a Great Dane, and four hens in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I have called Portland my home since early 2000.Knitting and sewing have been an integral part of my life since I was a little girl. My grandma taught me to knit when I was six, she is of the generation that was still used to doing everything by hand and from scratch. She sewed our clothes and canned fruits and vegetables to make it through the winter. I remember every fall we canned peaches from our own peach orchard. Through the years I continued knitting and also pursued other crafts. But I did not begin crafting seriously again until I became pregnant with my first son. Early on we decided to use cloth diapers, and that's how I was introduced to the cloth and woolie world. I was inspired to begin sewing and knitting again. In 2007 I created my first company, Royal Bottoms - it is quite likely you own a wetbag that was made by me. As I started offering more hand knit items through the store and dabbed in yarn dyeing, I felt that it was time to separate my crafts and create a store that better showcases my knitting and dyeing.
I created Blissful Knits to be my creative outlet - a way to express my passion for knitting. I love to sit down, cast on, and see where the needles take me. My knitting specialties are children's items, shawls, and intricate lace. I frequently apply decorative designs to my items to give them a unique look. No two items are alike. Your item will always be custom knit to meet your needs or the needs of your little one. I look forward to working with you to create a truly unique and inspired item.

Deuce Mamas began in February 2009 as a collaboration between Dara and Christina. Our goal is to create functional knitwear for mama and baby that is affordable and built to last. Today Dara has since moved onto other adventures that include working outside the home. Christina continues to create from her home in Colorado although she will be moving back to Rochester, New York this summer. Look for exciting things to come from Deuce Mamas this fall including a new business name, handspun yarn, self-striping sock yarn and luxury bases such as cashmere and alpaca.

Healing Gems is a nice place to find all kinds of jewelry, from gemstones to Swarovski crystals. They make necklaces, bracelets, ankle bracelets, and earrings. Good quality for low prices.

Jem*Jam Customs offers Custom Clothing, Hair Bows and Cloth Diaper Accessories at affordable prices. Jem*Jam Customs is dedicated to making one of a kind items for the little loves of your life. All items are created in a smoke free and pet free environment.

Jody's Designs offers crochet toys and woolies, as well as sewn items. If you think it, she can crochet it! Jody is a SAHM to a 4 yr old and 3 yr old, and learned to crochet from her mother who talk her one stitch. That one stitch turned into learning them all on her own, and then creating her own patterns. Jody strives to have unique things to offer to your children, and always tries to make her items baby and toddler friendly.

Lulu Bird Designs
offers unique custom embroidered and appliqued clothing. I specialize in children's tops and sets and and often offer coordinating adult shirts or maternity wear. With almost 1000 designs in a broad variety of colors I am prepared to match your knit or fleece wear as well. I also offer child and small adult sized aprons, canvas bags, skirt sets, and plan on adding appliqued quilt blocks as well. Personalized customer service and attention to detail is what makes Lulu Bird Designs stand out from the rest!

MotherMoonPads is a Wisconsin based company run by a work at home mom who strives to provide you with quality products at affordable prices.
Denelle lives in Wisconsin with her husband, teenage daughter, two year old son, and our newest daughter born in March 2010. MotherMoonPads offers reusable cloth menstrual products and newborn diapers. You may find MotherMoonPads on HyenaCart and Etsy.

MyHatty makes unique, colourful, stylish and slightly silly fleece hats. They're soft, snug and comfy, and suit all ages. They make splendid gifts for friends and family, or a perfect treat for yourself. In addition, MyHatty creates PippyBob Fluffypants diaper soakers, MHM longies and MHM shorties. These are pull-up style diaper covers with wonderful applique designs that will brighten any little butt. All MyHattys sewn in very high quality 200wt fleece from Mill Direct Textiles (formerly Malden Mills). This fleece is extremely soft, it doesn't pill and is very easy to care for. A huge selection of MyHatty hats and diaper covers can be viewed at: http://s154.photobucket.com/albums/s252/rafrach

Polar Bear Creations ~ My name is Sue and I'm a creato
r of many things! My main focus theses day’s lays in making dolls and toys from natural materials, which are inspired by the Waldorf Philosophy and that are safe for children of all ages.I believe that every child should have a handmade doll, which has been made with love and care, and is unique!Waldorf inspired dolls, with their simple, lovely faces, give children lots of room for imaginative play.Creative playing helps children to develop nurturing and a sense of their own “self”.Isn’t that something we need more of in our world today??I use natural material in my creations, such as 100% cotton jersey knit, cotton terrycloth, cotton velour and cotton fabric, mohair, sheep, bamboo and cotton wool and clean carded sheep wool for stuffing.To see pictures of my creations and for more info please visit my website http://www.polarbearcreations.com

Takara Baby ~ I'm Jenn, a new WAHM to two wonderful, extremely precocious children Malia (almost 4) and Kaden (almost 1). They keep me busy but when I have down-time, I love to create! Be it writing, drawing, painting or sewing, there's just something so satisfying about being crafty. Every Takara Baby item has been handmade by me and I strive to put out the best product I can (I suppose this is where my anal-retentive nature is at its best) and my ultimate goal is to ensure my customer's happiness in their product.

WhisperWares is the place where functional durability meets trendy fashion in exclusive boutique clothing & accessories for little guys and those who love them. WhisperWares' designs are edgy, contemporary, creative and often unexpected. WhisperWares garments are well finished with extra reinforced seams and features that make them comfy and easy to wear--and sturdy enough to pass down to someone else in EUC when they are outgrown. Nuri, the WAHM behind WhisperWares works to keep her clothing affordable for everyone, and sticks with high quality, but wholesale textiles, so her finished products can be reasonably priced. Having sons who guide her creative process, Nuri knows how to make sure the bigger boy crew has clothing that they will find totally cool and their friends will envy.

Zab's Mom ~ I am a crunchy living, country loving mama who has one child....Zabian.
He is 3 years old and curious, eager and outgoing all rolled in one. I started sewing cloth diapers when Zabian turned 8 months old. I figured with all the variety out there I needed very specific fabrics and very specific fits for my son. My son has skin sensitivities so I needed to know exactly what was in each diaper. This was when my sewing addiction blossomed. Soon I was sewing for friends, family members, their friends and family members, and soon I had little time for anything I wanted to sew for myself. I decided that I wanted to slow things down a tinch, this was when knitting and crocheting took off. I found that I could sew when my son was sleeping and I could knit while he played outside, perfect right??? I truly love my sewing, I put a lot of time and energy into each project making it as perfect for your little ones as it was for my little one. I use the highest quality fabrics that I can find and have been ordering from suppliers for 2 years now.

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